Join award winning researcher and friend of OTS, Dr. Robin Chazdon, this Tuesday at Duke University 

Dr. Chazdon will be speaking as a guest lecturer on Tropical Forest regeneration and restoration this upcoming Tuesday, April 18, at 3:30p at Duke University’s Environmental Hall.

Dr. Chazdon is an award winning-world renowned researcher on tropical forest regeneration, restoration, and has conducted several research projects on ecology and regeneration of tropical and temperate forests, conservation and restoration of tropical forests, tropical second-growth forests, biodiversity and conservation in agricultural landscapes, and socio-ecological systems.  

In her current role as a Senior Research Associate for the International Institute of Sustainability, Dr. Chazdon is researching regeneration and restoration of tropical forests, life history and functional traits of tropical tree species, landscape effects on forest regeneration, and ecosystem services in restored and regenerating forests.  

She also maintains a large research project on secondary forests at OTS’ La Selva Research Station in Costa Rica.

Join OTS and Dr. Chazdon for this stimulating talk.

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Last Updated ( 04/17/17 )