New leadership in OTS Board of Directors  

On March 11th at the spring meeting held at the Las Cruces Research Station in southern Costa Rica, the OTS Assembly of Delegates elected new members to the organization’s Board of Directors.

Changes to the board begin with Dr. John Kress, as the new Chairperson of the Board of Directors.

Additionally, the Costa Rican representation tripled with the appointment of Paul Bornemisza as the OTS Treasurer, and Dr. Carlos Manuel Rodríguez as a Member at Large. Dr. Braulio Vílchez was reelected as Vice Chair for the Costa Rican Institutions Coordination Committee. 

Other elected members include Dr. Elizabeth Braker as the new Secretary and Dr. Kyle Harms as the Chair of the Nominations Committee.

Moreover, this gathering was the perfect context for a public recognition to Dr. Elizabeth Losos’ leading role as President and CEO for the last 12 years. A watercolor painting by Juan Camacho, Costa Rican artist, was presented to her for her many years at the helm of OTS by the OTS Board of Directors.  

Current OTS Board of Directors are:

John Kress, Smithsonian Institution

President and CEO
Sandy Andelman

Vice Chair, Academic Diversity
George Middendorf III (Howard University)

Vice Chair, Coordination in Costa Rica
Braulio Vílchez Alvarado (Tecnológico de Costa Rica)

Vice Chair, Education
Cesar Nufio (National Science Foundation)

Vice Chair, Finance
James Prager

Vice Chair, Informatics
Bryan Heidorn (University of Arizona)

Vice Chair, Research
Susan Cordell (USDA Forest Service)

Elizabeth Braker (Occidental College)

Paul Bornemisza

Members at Large (2 vacant positions currently)
Lena Struwe (Rutgers University)
Oscar Rocha (Kent State University)
Sabrina Russo (University of Nebraska)
Andre Kessler (Cornell University)
Carlos Manuel Rodríguez (Conservation International)

Last Updated ( 03/30/17 )