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This 18 person governing body is elected by the Assembly of Delegates and conducts business between the annual spring meetings.

John Kress, Smithsonian Institution

President and CEO
Sandy Andelman

Vice Chair, Academic Diversity
George Middendorf III (Howard University)

Vice Chair, Board of Visitors

Vice Chair, Coordination in Costa Rica

Vice Chair, Education
Cesar Nufio (University of Colorado)

Vice Chair, Finance
James Prager

Vice Chair, Informatics
Bryan Heidorn (University of Arizona)

Vice Chair, Research
Susan Cordell (USDA Forest Service)

Elizabeth Braker (Occidental College)

Paul Bornemisza

Members at Large (2 vacant positions currently)
Lena Struwe (Rutgers University)
Oscar Rocha (Kent State University)
Sabrina Russo (University of Nebraska)
Andre Kessler (Cornell University)
Carlos Manuel Rodriguez (Conservation International)

Last Updated ( 02/02/18 )
Organization for Tropical Studies
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