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Sistematica de Plantas Tropicales Print

6 créditos otorgados por la Universidad de Costa Rica
El curso se ofrece en años pares. Este curso es la versión en español del curso Tropical Plant Systematics. Se enfoca en establecer una fuerte conceptualización de la filogenia sistemática en un escenario de campo intensivo. El curso viaja por hábitats diversos en Costa Rica, desde el bosque nuboso, al paramo, hasta el bosque tropical seco y el bosque húmido basal. El curso está diseñado para estudiantes de posgrado Latinoamericanos. Sin embargo, estudiantes de posgrado de instituciones miembro con un buen nivel de inglés también pueden participar. Existen becas parciales.

Formulario de aplicación ( Word document 292 kb ) 
2014 Información del curso ( PDF document 1.2 Mb )
Aplicación temprana:

10 de Noviembre, 2013
Fecha final de aplicaciones:
10 de Febrero, 2015 seguido de Inscripción abierta hasta que el curso este lleno.
Duración: 5 semanas, Junio 30 – Agosto 3, 2015
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Ecología Tropical y Conservación Print
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Tropical Biology: An Ecological Approach - Summer opportunity!! Print
6 credits awarded by the University of Costa Rica
  • Learn the theory—use the techniques.  Hands-on research experience in plant ecophysiology, microbial ecology, molecular ecology, remote sensing, rapid biodiversity inventories, and other hot topics.
  • Remedial and advanced statistics, workshops in R, group and individual sessions on experimental design.
  • Networking opportunities with experts in biological coridors, payment for environmental services, national parks, carbon neutrality, organic farms, and reforestation.
Application form ( Word document 295 kb )
2013 Course Flyer ( PDF document 549 kb )

Summer Session: 6 weeks,
June 8 -July 19, 2015. Arrive June 7, depart July 20, 2015.


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Tropical Plant Systematics Print

6 credits awarded by the University of Costa Rica
Offered in even–numbered years, this course emphasizes a strong conceptual foundation in phylogenetic systematics in an intensive field setting. The course travels to diverse habitats around Costa Rica, from cloud forest and paramo to tropical dry forest and Atlantic lowland rain forest. This course is next offered in 2012 (application deadline in March 1, 2012) as it alternates with OTS–18, the Spanish language version of the course which is offered in odd years.

Application form ( Word document 295 kb )
2014 Course Flyer ( PDF document 1.2 Mb )
Early application deadline:
November 10, 2013.
Final application deadline:
February 10, 2014 followed by Open Enrollment/rolling admission until course is full.
Duration: 5 weeks, June 11 - July 13, 2014. Arrive June 10, depart July 15, 2014.
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Field courses with the Tropical Biology Association Print

The Tropical Biology Association (TBA) is a consortium of European and African universities. OTS and TBA offer a limited exchange of participants. For 2009, places will be available for up to two OTS students in each TBA course offered in East Africa or Madagascar. Applicants must have completed at least three years of their first degree in a biological science by June 2007. Tuition for selected participants is the same as for TBA member institutions. Contact OTS and the TBA website for information.

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