Global Programs and Partnerships

OTS created the Global Programs and Partnerships Division (GPP) to scale up the availability of OTS-level education and training opportunities - strengthening capacity in science, management, conservation, and policy across the tropics.

Rather than building OTS to meet this scale of need, GPP is concentrating on building partnerships that strengthen the capacity of tropical country institutions to create and support their own programs, that create synergies with other international organizations with complementary knowledge, skills, and resources, and that engage the expertise within the OTS consortium of more than 60 institutions.

Global Programs and Partnerships (GPP) works to

  • Strengthen capacity within tropical country institutions to reliably deliver rigorous field-based training for students and professionals
  • Offer undergraduate, graduate, and professional field training in tropical science, management, conservation, and policy
  • Broker collaboration and exchange of expertise among OTS consortium member institutions, partners, and tropical-country institutions
  • Catalyze alliances among institutions focused on field training and research in tropical science, management, conservation, and policy

GPP works in a variety of tropical countries and with a range of partners. It is responsible for programs and projects outside of those conducted in connection with OTS field stations in Costa Rica. Most GPP.

Last Updated ( 06/22/09 )