Ayúdanos a salvar los Trópicos

Noviembre 13. No hay mejor oportunidad para impactar la sostenibilidad de nuestros ecosistemas tropicales que apoyando a la OET en esta temporada navideña...Leer más


Endorse OTS' new purpose this Giving Tuesday

November 13. Almost sixty years ago, the founding vision of OTS was framed in the context of a stable and reliable natural world. The last 50 years, however, have seen the emergence of new questions, new solutions and new allies. Our world has evolved...Read more


Costa Rican Ambassador Roman Macaya addresses guests during November 2 OTS reception

November 10. The event hosted by Ambassador Macaya and Dr. Sandy Andelman, President of OTS, provided a perfect opportunity for Dr. John Kress, Chairman of the OTS Board of Directors, and Dr. Andelman to reflect on the significant transformation initiated by OTS, from being mostly academic to being purpose driven...Read more


Tropical Depression Nate in Central America

October 6. The tropical depression that is in Central America, Nate, is expected to be come a hurricane that may impact the U.S.  The storm has resulted in a number of deaths and injuries in Costa Rica and Nicaragua and a state...Read more


Researcher's Experience at Palo Verde

August 24. On August 24, OTS celebrated the Day of the National Parks in Costa Rica.  One of our three research stations in Costa Rica (we have a fourth in Skukuza – South Africa) is located within the Palo Verde National Park...Read more


Nuestra Mejor Herencia son los Parques Nacionales

Agosto 24. En Costa Rica 169 áreas protegidas, que representan el 26% de la superficie terrestre del país, han sido declaradas áreas silvestres protegidas en razón de sus ecosistemas, la existencia de especies amenazadas y/o por su significado histórico y cultural...Leer más

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