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Named Endowments

An endowment is invested sum of money, which accumulates interest yearly. The interest on the principal is spent each year on the stated purpose, with the principal remaining intact. The OTS fellowship program, education program, and the three field stations each provide an opportunity for supporting an existing endowment or establishing a new named endowment. Due to the nature of an endowment, there is a minimum gift of $10,000 required for named endowments.

Undergraduate Scholarships

  • The Christopher Davidson and Sharon Christoph Scholarship
    • Established to provide aid assistance to U.S. Minority or Latin American students.
  • The Roger Perry Minority Scholarship
    • Established to provide financial assistance to U.S. minority students seeking support for semester and summer programs in Costa Rica.
  • Ravi Thackurdeen Memorial Scholarship Fund
    • Ravi Thackurdeen Memorial Scholarship Fund – Established by OTS to honor Ravi Thackurdeen, Spring 2012 Global Health, to provide financial support to OTS undergraduates who demonstrate Ravi’s passions and aptitude, especially in the areas of ethnobiology and global health.

Graduate Scholarships

  • Jay Savage and Rebecca Papendick Scholarship Fund
  • Donald E. Stone Memorial Graduate Scholarship Endowment
  • Joan Slatkin Barton Scholarship Fund
  • The Rowe Family Scholarship Fund
  • The Andrew Starrett Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • The Luis Diego Gomez Scholarship Endowment in Tropical Biology

Graduate Research Fellowships

Other Designations

  • Thomas Bishop Memorial Binocular Endowment
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