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Appreciated Securities

Donating a gift of appreciated securities is easy and can provide you with significant tax benefits. Please contact the OTS Development Office at 919-684-5774 for more information.

Our process for transferring gifts of stock has changed. Even if you have donated securities to OTS previously, please have your broker contact the OTS Development Office at 919-684-5774 BEFORE making the transfer. A quick phone call from your broker to verify the current instructions will prevent any transfer problems and ensure your gift is directed to OTS.

Memorial and Tribute Gifts

You can celebrate a special person or event, remember a loved one, or create a special fund for others to support with a special gift to OTS.

Donations of Journals and Books

OTS is grateful to donors who wish to make a contribution of books and journals to our library in Costa Rica. However, due to space constraints, we have established the following policy for accepting donations of book and journals.
Prior to making a donation of books or journals to one of OTS' libraries, please send a list of items and the library for which they are intended (Walter Hodges Library at the Simons Center, La Selva Biological Station Library, Palo Verde Biological Station Library, Las Cruces Biological Station Library) to our librarian, Susana Aguilar in Costa Rica at sofia.zamora @ tropicalstudies.org. Susana will review your list for approval of suitability for OTS' collection and respond to you as soon as possible. Due to space constraints, OTS may not be able to accept all donations. Please do not ship any journals or books to Costa Rica without prior approval from Susana.
Once your list is approved, please arrange for shipping directly to Costa Rica. OTS is not able to reimburse any donor for fees associated with the shipping of journal donations to Costa Rica. OTS can no longer accept donations of journals to our North American Office.

United States Tax Considerations for In-Kind Donations

Donors will receive an acknowledgment and gift receipt of their donation from the OTS Development Office at our North American Office. If the value of the gift is over $5,000 and tax credit is desired, it is the responsibility of the donor to obtain an external professional appraisal, which an OTS development officer co-signs (form 8803). In other instances, it is the donor's responsibility to determine fair market value. Appraisal of the monetary value of the gift for tax purposes is the responsibility of the donor. To receive a receipt for tax-purposes, please coordinate your donation with Jonathan Giles at jgiles @ duke.edu.

Last Updated ( 03/27/15 )
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