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Maria Cecilia Matamoros Jiménez, MQC, Ph.D. Print
María Cecilia Matamoros

Maria Cecilia Matamoros Jiménez, MQC, Ph.D. is a microbiologist
graduated from the University of Costa Rica with a Masters Degree and
a Ph. D. from West Virginia University, USA.   She worked for the last
10 years at the Costa Rican Institute of Research and Education in
Nutrition and Health (Inciensa), as the head of the National Reference
Center for Tuberculosis.  She organized and managed a clinical
laboratory network to assess the quality of the TB diagnosis
throughout the country.   Some of her mayor interests in research are
Tuberculosis in indigenous populations, H. pylori and its role in the
onset of gastric cancer and the usefulness of traditional medicine in
preventing disease. 

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