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La Selva Biological Station is one of the foremost research and teaching stations in the tropics…

  • 350+ scientists per year
  • 100+ college and university courses per year
  • 34,000+ “user days” of visitation per year
  • 3,000+ scientific publications on projects from La Selva
  • 40+ years of research and data collection

Support our green projects!

Trail maintenance and improvement

Every year we must remove fallen trees, repair bridges, trim vegetation, replace signs, and combat erosion on our heavily used trails.

Swamp access

La Selva’s swamps are home to plants and animals found nowhere else in the reserve. We plan to build access walkways and observation platforms in the two major swamps to ensure access to all La Selva users.

Environmental education

Our environmental education is expanding rapidly with the hiring of new staff. We need funds to bring school groups to La Selva (transportation and food) and to provide educational materials. We are currently focusing on elementary school children, but we will expand our efforts to secondary schools and to teacher training.

Invasive alien species control and research

La Selva’s intact old growth forest is threatened by several invasive plant species (including Asian bananas, lowland coffee, and bamboo) that can have serious negative impacts on the natural forests. In addition to monitoring and removing these invasive plants from the forest, we also encourage research by students on invasive species.

Biological corridors and connectivity

La Selva is a central piece of two major biological corridors in northern Costa Rica. The Braulio Carrillo altitudinal transect runs from La Selva south to the Barva Volcano and is the only intact forest in all of Central America with this elevational range. La Selva is also the south central anchor of the San Juan La Selva mixed use biological corridor that extends to the Nicaraguan border. Regional conservation efforts ensure the long-term health of La Selva’s ecosystems.


La Selva has a recyling program and we make every effort to conserve resources. However, we could do more. We want to explore creative options for solar power, electric lights that switch off automatically, and organic gardening, among other projects. OTS is committed to making all of its operations as green as possible.

Station fees and grants support our basic operations…But we cannot sustain environmental projects at the station and in the community without your support…

  • $200+ (individual) or
  • $1,000+ (corporate) to Adopt A Trail

In recognition of your support

  • We will add your name to the trail marker post for one year
  • We send you a GIS-lab generated map with all sponsored trail segments listed.

Here’s how you can support the Adopt-A-trail Campaign at La Selva:

North American Office

Fax: (919) 684-5661
Phone: (919) 684-5774
Organization for Tropical Studies
Box 90632, Durham, North Carolina 27708-0632

Costa Rican Office

Fax: (506) 2524-0607
Phone: (506) 2524-0608
Organization for Tropical Studies
Apartado 676-2050 San Pedro, Costa Rica
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