Palo Verde

Palo Verde Biological Station is located in Guanacaste, 1 hour southwest of Bagaces on an unpaved road (28 km, 17 miles); from San José, it is 4-1/2 hours; from Puntarenas, 3 hours; and from Liberia, 1-1/2 hours. To get there, take Route I (Carretera Interamericana) north from San José (follow signs towards Nicaragua) to Bagaces. Once you arrive at Bagaces, go west on the unpaved road opposite to the gas station. The gravel road is rough and requires slow travel. You will encounter several forks in the road, follow signs to Refugio de Fauna Silvestre, which is the more heavily used road. Public buses that go from San José to Bagaces and beyond leave from several points in San José. It is important to tell the bus driver to stop at Bagaces. From there, you can arrange for a taxi to take you to Palo Verde, or call the station in advance to have station personnel pick you up in Bagaces.

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The Tempisque River Basin, Costa Rica 21660
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